The Halo Academy was founded to help like-minded individuals with a passion for paramedical tattooing and empowering people to look and feel their best to discover a new set of skills and train them to be certified in the field of micro-pigment implantation.

With students enrolling from all over the world, the Halo Academy offers a variety of courses that ensure that all graduates from the program meet the highest level of professional standards.

The instructors at the Halo Academy are Master Micro-Pigment Implantation Specialists who understand and embody Halo’s core principles of professionalism, procedural technique, Safety and care.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure a productive learning environment for all students. Students will have the unique opportunity to work with live models and be provided with the full machine and kit from the first day to ensure correct learning of all techniques and skills.

The techniques taught at the Halo Academy meet the highest levels of industry standards and will deliver consistent successful results. Begin your journey to become a certified Micro-pigmentation Specialist by enrolling in the Halo Academy.

**Please note that, the Halo Academy is committed to the highest industry standard, completing the registration form does not guarantee your acceptance into the program. Each individual who registers to the Halo Academy will be subject to a screening process to determine their eligibility for the program.

The Halo Academy reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any registrant that does not fit the profile of an ideal candidate for the Halo Academy.

Thank you for understanding.**

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