Tattoo removal and corrections

Tattoo removal and correction with Saline is an alternative to laser and ineffective creams.

Price $150 per session Afterpay or 4 payments to $37.50. Zip pay minimum payments of $40 per month.

Saline is great for eyebrow tattoo, lip tattoo and preparing old unwanted body tattoos for covering.

The procedure itself involves breaking the skin using a tattoo machine and depositing the saline removal solution in a similar manner as to how the tattoo pigment was implanted in the first place.

As your skin heals, the solution pulls the ink to the surface and into the scab that will form. When your body naturally sheds the scab, it will also shed some of the ink.

Saline removal will gradually lighten and remove tattoo colours including reds. The removal process is gradual and the results are dependant on your bodies response to healing.

A minimum of three sessions spaced 6 weeks apart is generally required however if you would like to discuss a treatment plan for your tattoo please book a consultation first.

Zip Pay and After pay available in Studio